Wine Barrel Ceiling System

Wine Barrel Ceiling

One of the design elements that I came up with for the Pourhouse is the wine barrel ceiling system. In talking with the architect about the ambiance, we wanted to make sure there was sufficient sound dampening to maintain a relaxed low key atmosphere, even when we are busy and crowded.

The best way to dampen and absorb noise is to texture the ceilings and walls, since the floor will be polished concrete. The gracefully curved surfaces of a wine barrel will reflect sound in a dynamic way and if designed correctly will become a dramatic visual feature in the room.

We didn’t want the standard suspended ceiling tiles, but we wanted something to breakup and diffuse the sounds of a busy restaurant/bar, and voila! Exploded Wine barrels were created. Here’s the first prototype.

There will be up to 12 of these, both lit from behind so the light will show through (we are going to spread the slats out a bit more) and there will be led light strips between them for a more controlled lighting effect. But it’s all for sound dampening so we will also use foam blocks above them to catch even more of the noise from below.


I made a trip to Santa Rosa for the 12 barrels this last weekend. I found some really attractive and pristine barrels just recently emptied of their red wine contents, and Oh, do they smell nice. Kind of spicy with that earthy oak aroma and sour cherries. Its going to be fun to construct the final ceiling elements and hang them throughout the dining space.

Thanks for reading!--Mark

Here they are stacked at the Pourhouse

Here they are stacked at the Pourhouse