Inside the POURHOUSE 2-8-18


Over the last weekend my good friend and Ice Carving buddy Regan Dillon came down with his wife Cindy Rae from Coffee Creek in Humboldt County to hook up the draft system for the wine wall.


We laid out the screen locations and then the tap locations on the wine wall so that the Contractor could get a better vision of where the cabinetry goes. It was kind of complex because we want all the White Wine Rose, and Cider kegs chilled inside the walkin, and the red wine kegs to be outside. The complex part is that because of the locations of the taps on the wall, several red wine taps have to enter the walk-in, and then exit to be hooked to the red wine kegs at room temperature. We will wrap those lines with insulation so that they keep the wine at room temp even going through the cooler air in the walkin.


Later that day after browning and braising a few beef shanks in the slow cooking alto shaam oven, I served the shanks with sautéed broccolini, creamy chipotle jack polenta, and pan roasted sweet peppers. I took the pan sauce resulting from the braise and reduced it to a glaze in a shallow pan. Then I added some chopped peeled roma tomatoes, for acidity and texture, and at the last minute shaved a few Oregon truffles and a couple nobs of sweet butter into the glossy sauce. Wow, did the trailer smell good! A heady combination of moist earthiness with a sharp tang of funky shrooms, caramelized beef, butter and all those wonderful,  colorful and steaming vegetables.